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Free and voluntary exchange of goods, ideas, knowledge, and experiences will always result in a better and more prosperous society

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We believe all businesses can best flourish in free markets, which are the most effective system to promote peace and prosperity. But the efficiency of this system is being hampered by an ever-growing number of regulations and prohibitions.

Although markets are not perfect, it is rather naive to assume that any combination of a group of politicians, planners, and bureaucrats with too little knowledge and too many vested interests are able to correct market failures by fabricating over-night regulations and prohibitions in favor of some people or businesses and against some other people or businesses.

This complex area of public policy can be of great importance to all individuals and businesses whose productivity and growth depend upon the existence of free markets with fair rules of competition equal to every player in the game of business. The need to explore this and other areas of economics and public policy, drives our company to search for valuable texts and make them available to readers in Iran through translation.

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CAPTO is a unique project that takes business to a new level and gives it a scholarly nature. As a center for advancement of productivity and trade opportunities, we aim at empowering individuals and businesses through exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

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Knowledge and learning play a crucial role in everything we do as a company. We look for brilliant ideas wherever they are, all over the globe, and make them available to people who can benefit from them. Therefore, a major part of our business is dedicated to translating, authoring or compiling articles, books, case studies, and essays on a variety of subjects, and publishing them in the form of books or magazines.

Cooperation with conference organizers

CAPTO is also largely defined by its cooperation with conference organizers. We have a fantastic network of connections with highly reputable institutes, universities, and think tanks, and among scholars, lecturers, authors, and speakers in various fields of study all over the world.


This enables us to suggest world-class speakers to deliver speeches at conferences on a broad range of subjects, including economics, banking, and management. Depending on the needs of our customers, we can also suggest and arrange for short-term courses or specialized seminars on several subjects taught by highly qualified professors.

Trade opportunities

We also help businesses to find out more about new markets with great potentials, and we create opportunities for them to enter markets where, unbeknownst to them, their products and services could be in high demand.

CAPTO welcomes international authors, scholars, and businesses interested in promoting their books, ideas, goods or services in Iran

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